Organisers resources

This page is for organisers of time trials with useful resources to assist your role. 

Northumberland Village Halls Portal

Looking for an HQ? This website contains a map of and details of village halls and community buildings across Northumberland including contact booking details.

Risk Assessments

These are the latest risk assessments available for download for courses in the North East.

Course Date Link Notes
Time Trials  
M9 June 2021 Download  
M12S March 2024 Download  
M13 May 2021 Download  
M14B - Download  
M15 - Download  
M19 March 2022 Download  
M19S March 2024 Download  
M21 March 2024 Download  
M24.8 April 2022 Download  
M26 April 2024 Download  
M27 April 2022 Download  
M40 April 2024 Download  
M47 May 2024 Download  
M50 - Download  
M101 January 2022 Download  
M102D - Download  
M102B March 2024 Download Extra Plessey Checks marshal only required for Open events
M102C August 2022 Download  
M105 April 2022 Download  
M107 March 2022 Download  
M107S March 2022 Download  
M231 - Download  
M254 June 2024 Download  
M259 August 2014 Download  
M1010 April 2022 Download  
M2510 March 2024 Download  
M250 July 2023 Download  
Hill Climbs  
MH1 July 2024 Download  
MH2 September 2022 Download  
MH9 September 2022 Download  
MH10-MH10B September 2022 Download  
MH11 September 2022 Download  
MH21 September 2022 Download  
MH22 September 2022 Download  
MH24 September 2022 Download  
MH25 - Download  
MH26 - Download