North East BAR

The Northumberland and Durham Cycling Association (N&DCA) exists to provide a Best All Rounder (BAR) competition and individual distance championships to time trial riders of the North East and has been in existence for 97 years.

To complete the BAR, a rider must complete a minimum of three ‘short distance’ time trials (9-14 miles), two ‘medium distance’ time trials (18-27 miles) and one ‘longer distance’ time trial (40 miles+) on North East District (M) courses. In addition, riders must marshal or assist with one open event. This is an additional requirement for 2023 onwards.

The competition is points-based, with riders being allocated points in descending order based on their finishing position in a race.

The total of a rider’s best THREE points scores over ‘short distance, best TWO point scores over ‘medium distance’ and best ONE points score over ‘long distance’ will be used to determine BAR rankings.

All individual open time trials held during the normal time trial season on North East District (M) courses are included.

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